Proprietary Analysis
+ Data Visualization.

Using our proprietary analysis and visual data interpretation, KnoWhere provides actionable insights that can help improve your business’s bottom line.

Identify Spatial Patterns
For Hyper-Targeted Ads

By identifying spatial patterns of your customers and prospective audience, KnoWhere can leverage precise location data for hyper-targeted ads best suited for your product or service.

Data KnoWhere Leverages

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Google Analytics
Google Ads
Website Analytics
Paid Advertising Metrics

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Sales Data
Revenue Data
Custom Analysis Data
Customer Journey Data
Local Government Data
US Census Data

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Environmental Data
Topographic Data
Spatial Mapping Data
Proximity Data
Satellite Imagery
Scientific Literature Data

Solving Problems For
The Cookieless World

The concept of privacy is ever-evolving and has always been a challenge within the realm of the connected online customer advertising and purchasing experience. New privacy laws such as GDPR and California's CCPA portend a difficult future of “cookieless” marketing.

Continuation of marketing performance and the ability to drive interest with a relevant audience are major concerns for companies in this emerging privacy complaint world. Even companies that have remained on the fence regarding individual privacy rights are forced to rethink ad delivery and measurement practices as they can no longer depend on prior methods.

At KnoWhere, we have always firmly believed in privacy rights, that’s why our proprietary predictive modeling was developed with digital ethics in mind. Contact our team and let KnoWhere future-proof your operations for this new era of digital marketing.

The KnoWhere Team
In Industry Media

Listen to KnoWhere discussing critical concepts and insights into the business intelligence and marketing industries.

Intelligence Begins
With Our Team

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Ken SheeHan, PHD

The mental acrobatics required to visualize and create custom spatial solutions takes a special sort of brain. Luckily, Ken has been approaching life from a different angle since he was young. Having worked in various research positions ranging from academia to federal, Ken decided to move back to the New Hampshire Seacoast and chart his own path- and soon after, KnoWhere was born. Ken has published works in peer-reviewed journals related to spatial patterns and predictions in environmental systems.

Ken Sheehan, KnoWhere LLC
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gopal mulukutla, phd

If you wanted a version of McGuyver, only in the form of a Ph.D. with amazing engineering and coding skills (which we do), it would be Gopal. Perhaps one of the most genuine and nice men I’ve met (besides a guy named Stanley), Gopal is our go-to for API and complex Big Data efforts. Gopal has published multiple peer review articles related to image processing, time-series data analysis, and ecosystem modeling.

Gopal Mulukutla, KnoWhere LLC
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Nicole ten eyck

If you’re aware of the hoopla surrounding home organization shows in recent times, you’ll understand why Nicole is appreciated as much as good data at KnoWhere. Without Nicole, Ken’s tendency to trend towards the professorial would run unchecked, and KnoWhere would be… well… nowhere. Nicole is behind the scenes but keeps the company running.

Nicole Ten Eyck, KnoWhere LLC

Robert Stewart

Rob has a thirst for understanding how the microcosm is reflected in the macrocosm. He's honed his skills in modeling the physical ecosystem, and he takes the same approach to business analysis. He has 15 years of experience developing spatially distributed models and datasets. His experience has been in environmental consulting and has worked for over a decade in research at the University of New Hampshire where he worked on projects funded by the NSF, NASA, and EPA.

Rob has published multiple peer-reviewed articles related to modeling hydrological, ecological, and biogeochemical systems - expertise that translates amazingly well to the business arena. Rob, Gopal, and Ken worked in the same lab at UNH, and have worked together for years prior to KnoWhere. It's also worth mentioning that Rob's got some amazing side projects going to create a healthy balance between his scientific and creative minds, but it's his talent to merge the two we enjoy most at KnoWhere.

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Are you a skilled and motivated data scientist or project manager? Then consider joining the growing KnoWhere team.

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